Learn Why GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) Has Been Active In the Market Recently

GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) has seen some recent volatility in the stock market and its common shares closed at $2.9200 yesterday. Investors are starting to take interest of GIGM as the common shares traded as high as $3.0100 and as low as $2.9200 in the prior trading session.

GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) average trading volume is 52.69K. However, in the prior trading session GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) exchanged 10,037 shares. The 1st support level on GIGM is $2.87 and the 1st resistance level on GIGM is $3.52. GIGM 50-day moving average is $2.7750 and GIGM 200day moving average is $2.4481.

GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) most recent performance has been indicated by the recent movement in GIGM common shares. GIGM has performed 8.55% over the past 30 days, GIGM has performed 29.20% over the past 90 days and GIGM has shown 16.80% over the past 365 days. GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) has a 1 year range of $1.9100 to $3.7500. GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) is trading 52.88% from its 1 year low and -22.13% from its 1 year high. GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) is displaying a 0.12% short float displaying the quantity short in the float.

GIGM has 11.05M shares outstanding and 7.09M shares in the float. GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) presently has a market cap of $32.50M and income of -1.40M. . The market cap of GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) at $32.50M signifies how many Investors own shares of GIGM and is based off the last price ($2.9200) of GIGM and the quantity of shares outstanding (11.05M) with GigaMedia Limited (GIGM).

GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) has total cash (mrq) of 56.78M, total cash per share (mrq) of 5.14, . GigaMedia Limited (GIGM) operational cash flow (ttm) is -1.57M, GIGM leveraged free cash flow (ttm) is -1.76M.

GIGM is trading 1.75% above (bullish) its SMA20, 10.66% above (bullish) its SMA50 and 18.74% above (bullish) its SMA200.